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A collection of cute critters to make

ISBN: 978-1-86108-917-5

Your edition of this book may require the following corrections, these appear in bold:

Page 54 – Head
Continuing from neck edge of back body, commence working in rounds.
Round 1: Using 3.25mm double-pointed needles, k18 (placing 9 sts on each of two needles), then knit 12 sts from holder on the neck end of belly, placing these sts on third needle, and use the fourth needle to knit with; do not turn.
Round 2: K1, inc1, (k2, inc1) 5 times, k13 (36 sts).
Round 3: Knit.
Round 4: (K4, inc1) twice, k4, (inc1, k5) twice, (inc1, k4) twice (42 sts).

Page 85 – Making up – Body and head
With right sides together, stitch the top body and head to the lower body and head, leaving gaps for leg openings, using the picture of the finished fox and stitch markers as a guide to positioning.
Ears, nose and tail
Stuff the tail and stitch in place.

Page 87 - Materials
Alternative yarn if Sirdar Funky Fox cannot be sourced:
Wendy Yeti, 100% Polyester
(65yd/60m per 50g ball)

1 x 50g ball in shades 2785 Phoenix (A) for red squirrel and 2783 Unicorn (E) for grey squirrel

Page 91– Making up
Attach the eyes, then stitch one of the side seams on the head using mattress stitch. Stuff the body and head firmly but take care not to overstuff. Stitch the opening on the head closed, using mattress stitch. Stitch the nose in place. Pin the ears in place on either side of the head, using the picture of the finished squirrel as a guide, then stitch the base of each ear firmly to the head.
Fold the tail in half lengthways, right sides together, and stitch the two long edges together. Stitch the cast-off edges together. Turn right sides out. Add a little stuffing if you wish, or leave it unstuffed. Stitch the base of the tail to the back of the body, with the long seam facing inwards, then stitch the bottom third of this seam to the back end of the squirrel.

Page 94–95 Body – left side
Row 54: P15, turn.
Row 55: Knit.
Row 56: P13, turn.
Row 57: Knit.
Row 58: P11, turn.
Row 59: Knit.
Row 60: P9, turn.
Row 61: Knit.
Row 62: P7, turn.
Row 63: Knit.
Row 64: P10, turn.
Row 65: Knit.
Row 66: P12, turn.
Row 67: Knit.
Row 68: P14, turn.
Row 69: Knit.
Row 70: P16, turn.
Row 71: Knit.
Row 72: P18, turn.
Row 73: Knit.
Row 74: P20, turn. 
Row 75: Knit. 
Row 76: P20, turn. 
Row 77: Knit.
Row 78: Purl.
Beg with a k row, work 4 rows in st st.
Work as for right side from rows 79–103.

Page 99 - Materials
Alternative yarn if Sirdar Funky Fur cannot be sourced:
King Cole Moments, 100% Polyester
(98yd/90m per 50g ball)
1 x 50g ball in shade 499 Koala (A) 

Page 104 – Head
Using set of four 3.25mm double-pointed needles and A, cast on 6 sts and divide between three needles, using the fourth one to knit with. Follow instructions for body to the end of round 13.
Knit 11 rounds; cut A and join in B.