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How to make folding paper sculpture

ISBN: 978-1-86108-674-7

Your edition of this book may require the following corrections, these appear in bold:

Terms used
Page 13 – Slits and slots
A slit is a simple cut in the card: a slot is 1/161/8in (1.5–3mm) wide

The simple rules of pop-up
Page 19 – Gullies
Top artwork labels are incorrect, these need changing with each other. A should appear on the left and B should be on the right-hand side.

High-quality pop-ups
Page 26 – Artwork caption
Here a V-fold is used to raise Parallelograms. This mechanism is explained in 7.2 (page 49) but in that case Acute V-fold is used and in this example it is a Right-angle V-fold.

Curved shapes based on V-folds
Page 78 – Artwork (15.1) amended 
See pdf for corrected illustration.

Twisted mechanism
Page 80 – Step 7
The top piece must not be shorter than the piece that is glued to the base. It is glued onto the two end flaps with its central fold at right angles to the spine.

Arms powered by a V-fold and a Counter-fold

Page 92 – Step 7
To make the Counter-fold piece see page 112.

Horizontal piece on the side of a V-fold
Page 120 – Fig. 6.4
On diagram 2 the C should appear in the bottom left-hand corner.

Project templates
Page 159 – Figure template
The number 6 should be on the hand, arrow and caption not required. See pdf for new version.

Pages 164–165 – Flower
Changes to numbering instructions for the base and flower templates, see pdf for corrected designs.

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