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A collection of adorable animals to knit from scratch

ISBN: 978-1-86108-670-9

Where page numbers differ in the 2009 edition, these are stated in square brackets.

Your edition of this book may require the following corrections, these appear in bold:

Page 54 – Forelegs
Dec row: (K1, k2tog) to end (16 sts).
Beg with a p row, stocking-st 5 rows.
Join on B and work stripe carrying yarn loosely up side of work, working the next 4 rows in B and then 4 rows in A, doing this alternatively throughout whilst shaping as follows:

Page 58 – Head
Third dec row from end of this section.
Dec row: (K2, k2tog) to end (27 sts).

Page 74 [Page 88] – Body and head
Row 80: P17, moss-st 31, p17.
Page 75 [Page 89]
Dec row: (P2tog) to end (7 sts).
Thread yarn through rem sts, pull tight and secure.

Page 79 [Page 75] – Muzzle
Inc row: K1, (m1, k2) to last st, m1, k1 (42 sts).

Page 84 [Page 80] – Head
Beg at neck using the thumb method and A, cast on 30 sts.
P1 row.
Inc row: K2, (m1, k2) to end (44 sts).

Page 92 – Head
Second inc row.
Inc row: K2, (m1, k4) to last 2 sts, m1, k2 (40 sts).

Page 93 – Snout
Join row-ends of snout and with seam at centre of underneath, over-sew cast-off sts. Stuff snout and with seam at centre of underneath, pin and sew snout to centre of lower half of head.
Join row-ends of each horn and stuff, pushing stuffing into tips with tweezers. Sew horns to snout with seams at centre back, the small horn behind the large horn.

Page 99 – Embroidering the features
To make the eyes, tie a knot in two lengths of black yarn winding the yarn round 6 times to make each knot (see page 122). Check that the knots are the same size. Tie eyes on head to 4th row above snout with 6 clear knitted sts in between and run ends into head.

Page 102 – Hind legs
Rows 4 –6: Beg with a p row, stocking-st 3 rows.
Rep last 6 rows 3 more times.
Dec row: K4, (k2tog) 4 times, k8, (k2tog) 4 times, k4 (24 sts).

Page 114 – Slip knot
Leave a long length of yarn – as a rough guide, allow 3/8in (1cm) for each stitch to be casted on plus an extra length for sewing up.

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