Water Garden Idea Book

Water Garden Idea Book
Water Garden Idea Book
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Water gardening is making a big splash in today's landscapes and the installation of water features is claimed to be the fastest-growing part of the landscape industry. It's easy to see why… Splashing fountains make hot days seem a bit cooler; basins of water reflect the blue sky, puffy clouds, and colourful autumn leaves; naturalistic ponds and waterfalls attract birds and butterflies to back gardens; and tiny tabletop fountains offer soothing sounds that drown out neighbourhood noise. Water Garden Idea Book brings these ideas to life, providing more than 300 photographs of all types of water features - with tips for design and placement so that they become striking focal points or soothing and subtle additions for any setting. From ponds and streams to pools and water stairs, fountains, containers, and bubbling urns, Water Garden Idea Book has it all. Special emphasis is given to sitting all types of water features and how to install a water feature yourself. Extensive resource list is included.
Binding: PB
Pages: 176
SeriesTitle: Idea Books
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