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How to Taste

How to Taste
How to Taste
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How to Taste outlines the underlying principles of taste, and then takes a deep dive into salt, acid, bitter, sweet, fat, umami, bite (heat), aromatics and texture. You'll find out how temperature impacts your enjoyment of the dishes you make as does colour, alcohol and more. This handbook goes beyond outlining what ingredients go together and teaches how to identify what’s missing from a dish and how to adjust this. It also includes recipes and simple kitchen experiments that illustrate the importance of seasoning and identify whether you're a 'supertaster' or not. This book will help break down why and how various components of a dish are used to create balance, harmony and deliciousness.
Author : Becky Selengut
ISBN13 : 9781632171054
Binding : HB
Pages : 240
Photographs : N/a
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Price: £19.99
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