Baby Animal Families

Baby Animal Families
Baby Animal Families
SKU: ST-17355
Adorable, irresistible animal babies: artist and author Gyo Fujikawa creates a warm and loving look at young creatures in the wild, together with their mums, dads and siblings. In the woods, baby bunnies meet with small chipmunks and turtles. The icy far north features polar bears and seals atop ice floes. Tiny koalas ride piggyback on mama, way high in the treetops, while a joey stays snugly, safely in mother kangaroo’s pouch. Children will also happily meet birds, monkeys, waddling penguins and a new tiger family, with the cute cubs snuggled against their mummy’s big paws. Every image in this simple, pleasing board book will grab toddlers’ attention and imagination.
Author: Gyo Fujikawa
Binding: Board Book
Pages: 20
Photographs: N/a
QuickFindCode: 17355
Price: £4.99

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